Frontier Town 2016 Camping Rates

Type of siteMarch 25 to May 26May 27 to June 10June 11 to Sept 5Sept 6 Nov 27
Water & Electric43217603647850446231
Water, Electric & Sewer482386742010367963315
Waterfront with Dock582877849712281272357
Boat Slip13631577291611891
Big Boat Slip13631977341961998
Golf Cart40203402085332947238
Covered Wagon26133261333015426133


Type of siteMarch 25 to May 26May 27 to June 10June 11 to Sept 5Sept 6 Nov 27
Campin' Cabin65322104588---------------88969343
Deluxe Campin' Cabin1155741821,029---------------1,834125/160623
Deluxe Park Model110533166931---------------1659118588
Deluxe Park Model w/Dock113567172966---------------1729122595
Deluxe Trailer 107532157861---------------1,484114567
Deluxe Trailer w/ Dock110553163917---------------1,631116581

All waterfront sites have 3-way hook-ups. All rental units are subject to 6% Maryland sales tax.
Displayed rates are based on 2 adults and children age 10 and younger, and 1 vehicle per site. Only 1 camping unit and 1 family per site.
All rates are subject to change without notice.

Frontier Town & Fort Whaley Campgrounds Rental Cabin and
Trailer Pet Friendly Fees

There will be a $200 deposit required. The deposit is refundable following a thorough inspection by a housekeeping department cowhand (or designee).
There will be a $50 non-refundable charge per pet per stay.

Please Note
The following sites are currently being converted to Park Model Cabins: O-1, O-5, S-17, W-3, W-4, W-9, W-11, W-12, W-14, W-15, W-16, W-17, W-18, X-18, and X-20. We are very sorry to our guests who have already made reservations for these sites. We were hoping have this conversion completed before the season began, but the permitting process took longer than anticipated, and we did not want to start moving reservations until we were absolutely sure which sites were going to be affected. If you have already made reservations for one of the sites listed above, we will be notifying you by email as they are converted. You may also call in at your convenience to move your reservation to a different site. We appreciate your patience throughout this process and hope you'll love the new cabins!